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Holistic Health Coach - Dance Cardio Instructor - Health + Wellness Writer -
Recipe Developer - Personal Chef



"I was so impressed with you over the last two months. You totally changed my perspective on food. I've said this before, but I used to think I was a good eater, and boy was I wrong! I have such a different outlook and relationship with my eating habits these days. And while I have cheat days every now and then, I am so thankful for the new found knowledge I have. I've noticed I'm always reading the nutritional information in my food and I'm a lot more cautious of what's in it. I used to focus mainly on calorie content, but I've realized it's SO much more than that. As a result, my skin has cleared, I'm less bloated and just feel better overall. Thank you so much for your accountability and help. I am now confident in how to make healthy food choices and have a much more positive relationship with food." - Betsy

"I’ve always been in pretty good shape but in my 50’s everything gets a little tougher as far as staying healthy. I wanted to shed a few pounds, have more energy and try to increase my cardiovascular health (heart, circulation, etc…) She does a great job of making adjustments in what you eat while still keeping things really tasty. Her knowledge of nutrition and fitness are excellent, but she doesn’t complicate things. The thing that struck me most was that the exercise was not what helped most with the weight. It’s really mostly about what you eat. In a month or so I lost about 15 pounds, but the best feeling was my pants falling off without a belt and the overall energy and feeling of “lightness”. Hannah is awesome and she could help older guys like me and just as effectively help women and younger adults. Her personality is infectious and she really cares about helping people. I get the impression that if she didn’t have any bills to pay she’d do this for free :)" - Mark